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5 virtual care clinic tools helping medical practitioners deliver better care | WhatsNews4Today

5 virtual care clinic tools helping medical practitioners deliver better care


As more clinical health care challenges surface due to COVID-19, some tools are helping medical practitioners deliver better care to patients.

There’s no question COVID-19 has affected all aspects of life, but the health care industry has been hit hard, especially as it relates to the effective delivery of services to patients. 

What is clinical care? 

Care clinics are medical centers where patients go to receive outpatient care services. These can include hospital clinics or public and private health clinics. Depending on the nature of services offered, there may be many professionals on a team including, physicians, social workers, occupational therapists, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists, dentists, administrative staff, or any other type of specialist.

Top issues facing health care systems 

Providing patient care has always posed challenges, but today many additional challenges are proving to be particularly concerning as they impact the access and level of care patients can expect to see going forward. 

  • Sicker patients due to longer wait times, many with mental health issues due to the pandemic
  • Exhausted or sick front-line medical staff 
  • Staffing shortages
  • The state of clinic readiness to shift to a virtual environment to keep patients and staff safe
  • Consistent and quality patient care delivery and medical data retention
  • Timely patient care

Addressing challenges means clinics will need to implement virtual tools that support telehealth or hybrid care to deliver better and faster services. One report by McKinsey shows clinics are “moving from purely ‘virtual urgent care’ to a range of services enabling longitudinal virtual care, integration of telehealth with other virtual health solutions, and hybrid virtual/in-person care models, with the potential to improve consumer experience/convenience, access, outcomes and affordability.”

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Virtual care tools to help deliver better patient care

With a 50 percent boom in telehealth seen in 2020, and with a new analysis by McKinsey showing telehealth use increasing 38 times from the pre-COVID-19 baseline, hybrid virtual/in-person care models are here to stay—and HIPAA-compliant tools such as these will play a critical role in the delivery of services and quality of care for patients.


Image: eVisit

EVisit is an enterprise virtual care platform that simplifies healthcare delivery for hospitals to help provide care when and where needed. EVisit standardizes virtual care across entire systems for better management and patient and health care delivery reporting.

Key features:

  • Over 150 points of configuration for flexibility and to enhance and automate workflows
  • Increased flexibility for on-call patient visits 
  • Waiting room management to triage and prep patients from the comfort of their homes
  • In-visit chat for patients, interpreters, family members, caregivers
  • e-prescriptions

Contact eVisit for a consultation about pricing. 



Image: Healthie

Healthie is built for health and wellness organizations looking for ways to scale their business, offer remote care and build stronger relationships with clients. This practice management platform aims to help medical professionals save time, improve outcomes and increase revenue.

Key features:

  • Medical forms can be automatically completed and signed electronically
  • Clients can conveniently access automated appointment booking, confirmations and reminders
  • Share documents, quizzes and videos to reinforce education provided in sessions
  • Client reports and key metrics

Healthie offers five pricing tiers: a free Starter plan for entrepreneurs, Essentials at $45/month, a Plus plan at $115/month, a Group plan at $135/month, and an Enterprise plan. 

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Image: Thera-LINK

Thera-LINK is purpose-built software that helps medical professionals extend their reach by meeting with clients via video and improving communication overall. Thera-LINK works for numerous medical teams but specializes in mental and behavioral health providers.

Key features:

  • Group telehealth sessions for couples, families or groups
  • Automatic appointment reminders are sent by email to reduce no-shows
  • Instant chat with patients 
  • Secure session and client notes 
  • Download and send files securely

Thera-LINK offers three pricing options: a Basic plan at $30/month for one provider and up to five sessions/month, a Plus plan at $45/provider/month and unlimited sessions, and an Ultimate plan at $65/provider/month. 



Image: Vsee

Vsee is an all-in-one healthcare platform that allows medical professionals to engage with patients for remote patient monitoring using virtual visits and share medical exams. Patient data can be auto-synced with FitBit, digital scales and other biosensors.

Key features:

  • Asynchronous consults and messaging
  • Medical device streaming for remote physical exams
  • Customizable intake forms and patient queue monitoring
  • Drag and drop files to video
  • e-prescribe medication

Vsee offers three pricing tiers: a Free Forever plan, a Basic plan at $49/month and an Enterprise plan. 



Image: Zoom

Zoom for Healthcare is a unified communications platform that supports collaborative healthcare and telehealth. It’s focused on helping small clinics and large organizations provide high-quality and cost-effective options to meet the dynamic needs of their staffs and patients.

Key features:

  • HD video and audio-video communications to help staff and specialists collaborate with patients
  • Conduct training and recruiting with participants in any location
  • EHR and medical device integrations
  • Screen share imaging and test results with all participants
  • Shared screen annotation can be made visible to all attendees
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Four pricing tiers are available with Zoom for Healthcare: Basic for personal use offers up to 100 participants free (limited features), Pro for small teams of up to 100 participants is $200/year/license, Business for small businesses at $270/year/license for up to 300 participants, and Enterprise at $319.20/year/license for up to 500 participants.


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