7 Natural Home Tricks to Boost Your Testosterone Levels at Home Without Medication

30-Second Summary

  • The production of testosterone hormone occurs in the male testes, and testosterone controls growth and sexual health in males.
  • Testosterone levels reduce with age from 30 years onwards. So, some men from age 50 have low testosterone levels.
  • Doctors may recommend testosterone boosters to help increase testosterone production.
  • Low testosterone levels may reduce sexual enjoyment and male orgasm, decrease the number and strength of erections, and lower sperm count.
  • You may boost testosterone levels through exercise, losing weight, sleeping more, eating healthy, reducing stress, and getting enough sunlight for vitamin D. 

Overview Of Testosterone

 Testosterone hormone is produced in the testicles. It controls growth functions in men from puberty in terms of muscles, voice deepening, and body hair. Also, testosterone controls the male reproductive organ’s functions, sperm production, and other sexual functions. So, if a young male doesn’t produce testosterone, growth may retard, and he won’t achieve normal growth. 

Testosterone production may decrease with age, from 30 years onwards. Some men may have testosterone levels below the normal range of 220-350 nanograms per deciliter of serum. 

Sadly, low testosterone levels cause fatigue, infertility, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and decreased sexual performance. In such cases, some doctors recommend testosterone boosters to boost sexual stamina in men

But before going for medication, here are natural tips that may boost your testosterone levels at home.

8 Natural Remedies to Boost Testosterone Levels in Men

Exercise is key – Research shows that regular exercise is an effective way to raise testosterone levels for all ages. More so if you do resistance and high-intensity training. Even light to moderate workouts will boost your testosterone levels.

According to one study, testosterone levels increased significantly for overweight men who engaged in more physical workouts. Exercise increased testosterone levels more than diet did. 

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Whether it’s resistance training, running, fast walking, cycling, aerobic exercises, or cardio, all raise testosterone levels. Exercise at least 3 days a week for 1 hour daily or at least 30 minutes for 5 days a week.

  • If overweight, shed excess weight  Studies show that overweight men have low testosterone since obesity inhibits its production. When compared to men of average weight, the overweight men had 2.4 times lower testosterone. 

Excess fat cells break down testosterone into estrogen, reducing the levels. Furthermore, obesity lowers proteins that transport testosterone in the blood, so little is available for use. Furthermore, obesity leads to chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancers, which reduce testosterone. To lose weight and raise testosterone, exercise, watch your diet, or use recommended supplements. 

  • Watch your diet – Choose foods that give you adequate calories but never overfeed. Don’t eat too little food as it will lower the levels. But, whatever the case, eat a balanced diet with vegetables, vitamins, healthy proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. 

For instance, one study found that healthy fats increased testosterone by between 17.4% and 19.9% for those who took virgin olive oil and virgin argan oil respectively. Walnuts, chia seeds, salmon, and tuna contain healthy fats that help raise testosterone levels.  

  • For vegetables, go for green ones like spinach, kales, peas, leaf lettuce, collard greens, etc.
  • For proteins, eat plant proteins, fish, white meat, and lean meat.
  • Consume unprocessed cereals for carbohydrates. E.g., maize, rice, wheat. Millet, sorghum, and more.
  • Eat multivitamin-rich foods and fruits such as citrus, oranges, strawberries, carrots, milk, eggs, etc.
  • Take vitamin supplements if you have a deficiency to boost your health and get a better male orgasm.

  • Sleep for at least 7 hours daily – Physicians recommend sleeping at least 7 hours daily to maintain healthy testosterone levels and boost sexual stamina in men.
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One research showed that men who slept for 5 hours daily reduced their testosterone levels by 15%. Sleeping less than 5 hours a day led to progressively reduced testosterone. Likewise, according to another study, each additional hour of sleep raised testosterone levels by 15%

Though the relationship between testosterone amount and sleep isn’t well known, there appears to be an interesting trend. So, do anything but sleep to boost your testosterone levels.

  • Lower your stress levels – A rise in stress increases the levels of the cortisol hormone. Studies point out that increased cortisol levels lead to a fall in testosterone and vice versa. Again, higher cortisol levels make you overweight, which worsens the situation. Obesity lowers testosterone levels too.

Stress affects your overall health, leading to chronic diseases. So, keep away from stress issues. To reduce stress, exercise regularly, meditate, practice yoga, get enough rest, go for entertainment, and have quality sex.

  • Keep away from drugs, smoking, and excess alcohol – To help raise your testosterone levels, avoid drug and substance abuse.

Avoid drugs like opium, steroids, marijuana, and narcotics. Most affect the production of testosterone. And, mind what any medication you take does to your testosterone levels. Avoid contact with harmful chemicals or wash your hands and clothes after use.

While taking alcohol in moderation may not lower testosterone levels significantly, excess alcohol intake decreases the levels. Studies show that testosterone levels start dropping about 30 minutes after taking alcohol. The more you take, the lower your testosterone levels.

  • Get vitamin D by basking in the sun or Vitamin D supplements  Research shows testosterone levels were related to vitamin D intake. So much that men with low vitamin D levels had significantly lower testosterone. Research explains vitamin D assists the body to absorb calcium for healthy bones, strong muscles, and better immunity.

You can get adequate vitamin D by basking under the sun for about 30 minutes daily. If you live in areas that lack sunlight or work indoors throughout, you can take foods rich in vitamin D or supplements. 

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Taking vitamin D supplements in one study group raised testosterone levels by close to 30% and boosted male orgasm. When you lack time to bask, you can exercise outdoors to get the benefits of exercise and vitamin D at the same time.

Take Natural Testosterone Supplements

Since time immemorial, people used various plants to improve sexual health. Some research shows plants like the Indian ginseng (Ashwagandha), ginger extract, Fynabreek, and others increase testosterone levels. But, you may consult qualified herbalists or doctors before using the herbs

Your doctor may suggest the best testosterone booster for men if most natural methods fail. The testosterone boosters may help raise your testosterone levels before it’s too late.

Before taking conventional testosterone boosters, look at natural male enhancement supplements like Iron Maxxx. A batch of Iron Maxxx reviews says the male enhancement pill may boost your testosterone, increase sperm count, give you harder erections, and boost your sex drive.


To boost your testosterone levels, your doctor may prescribe the best testosterone booster for men. But, always take the testosterone boosters with a pinch of salt since many may have adverse side effects.

Before taking male enhancement pills, try natural methods, such as doing regular exercise, shedding excess weight, eating a balanced diet, and reducing stress. Get adequate sleep, bask in the sun for vitamin D, and use natural herbs.

Otherwise, if all else fails, try natural male enhancement pills. They may help raise your testosterone levels. Some people say that the Iron Maxxx natural male enhancement formula may increase testosterone levels and give you better sexual health. 

After all, Iron Maxxx may have no side effects. Read several Iron Maxxx reviews to establish whether what you see is what you get before you buy.

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