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  • A Comprehensive Guide to Car Battery Replacement

    A Comprehensive Guide to Car Battery Replacement

    The battery of the car is the most crucial component of your vehicle as it powers up all the electrical auto systems and ensures a safer drive. These car batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy. This automotive battery electrolyte tends to be weaker over time and evaporates. Your vehicle won’t be powered up or perform poorly with the weak battery.

    Due to human negligence and external factors like ambient temperatures, either extremely hot or cold, car batteries get depleted. To restrict the loss of performance and better car efficiency, you can replace your car battery as quickly as possible. Although you can get your vehicles serviced by a high-tech company or mechanical shop, if it is a DIY, you can rely on this comprehensive guide in which we’ve illustrated the detailed procedure for battery replacement. 

    Step By Step Guide On The Replacement Of Car Battery

    Usually, car batteries give clear signs of damage or imminent death to the owners, including the reduced brightness of headlights and flickering, difficulty in revving up the engine, backfiring, sluggish engine performance, corrosion on battery terminals, and damage on the battery case. You can save money on car maintenance by changing the car’s battery yourself. Here are some legit tips that you can follow to get the process right.

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    Tools & Required Supplies

    You can purchase new batteries according to the model of the car from any shop nearby.  Besides that, you will need some equipment, and these are:


    • Vise Pliers
    • Wire Brush & Steel Wool
    • Eye Protection Gloves
    • Adjustable & Crescent Wrench 
    • Socket Wrench & Torque Wrench
    • Battery Cleaner Spray Or Gel

    If of these tools and wrenches are used for different purposes while replacing the car battery, including gripping, fastening, turning, loosening, and tightening nuts and bolts.

    1. Perform The Groundwork

    It is necessary to have a proper check if the battery is dead or not. When the engine won’t start and leaks and cracks start to appear it is time to replace the battery. If the liquid electrolyte solution is used in the car battery, it can make impact the battery’s performance in ambient temperatures and batteries won’t function properly.

    After that you have purchased a new battery after verifying the battery voltages, take the old deal battery out and use the handmade or commercial cleaners to clean out the battery terminal. 

    2. Locate & Disconnect Battery Terminals

    Now that you have prepared your car for replacement Battery and the engine is cooled down, locate the old battery that might be under the hood or in the trunk. The batteries have two terminals black one with negative and a red one with positive.

    First of all, disconnect the negative cable and use the torque wrench for loosening the bolt. Twist the cable back and forth to remove it from the terminal of the battery. Repeat the same process with the positive cable.

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    3. Secure New Battery

    Loosen the bolt or clamp to take out the old battery and clean out the battery tray and terminal connectors thoroughly using a wire brush and cleaner. Make sure to double-check the battery position to connect the positive and negative battery terminals.

    Place the new battery inside and reattach the clamps and tighten the bolts. Use battery protective or anti-corrosive gel on both terminals and connect the positive cable first. Repeat the same process with the negative terminal and clause the car.

    Factors To Consider For The Purchase & Maintenance of Car Battery

    1. Group Size

    As the battery of your car is supposed to fit in a single cell, so it is necessary to keep the dimensions in your mind. Find a battery of the same group size that is compatible with the existing system. You can check the label of your existing battery to match the group size.

    2. Reserve Capacity

    It is the amount of time that is often measured in minutes that it takes to support the electrical components of the car when the fan-blet or alternator of your car fails. When buying the battery keep the range of its reserve capacity in mind and buy one that fits within the system range.

    3. Cold Cranking Amps

    Cold Cranking Amps CCA is referred to as the amps that make the battery run in colder climatic situations. They can power at zero degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds and help to start up the engine. Buy these amps with the consultation of manufacturers to avoid any unexpected situations.

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    4. Brand & Manufacturing Date

    There are many generic or small manufacturing brands in the market selling cheaper batteries that won’t last for long and leave your side in critical conditions. When buying batteries, always ensure that they are from specific brands to not go your investment waste. Besides, make sure to check the manufacturing date to be sure of the battery’s health.

    5. Warranty

    Some companies offer free replacement of the batteries on purchase. So it is better to get a warranty for these automotive batteries. The batteries with a pro-rata warranty period will be inexpensive for you as they will deduct a significant portion from the original costs of the battery. You can avoid unnecessary expenditures later by having a warranty card.

    To End Up!

    The lifetime of the battery of your car is more than 6 years but it majorly depends on how you treat it over time. The often recharge and discharge of a car battery lessens its time as there is a difference between the replacement of recharging a battery and replacing a depleted one. Although you can get the expert mechanical assistance of a professional if you are replacing your by yourself, you can follow the step-by-step procedure with quick and easy details to replace a car battery. You will also find the factors to purchase, maintain and replacement of the car battery.

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