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  • AccelerComm & TTP to Deliver Cell Service from Space with 5G NTN LEO - WhatsNews4Today

    AccelerComm & TTP to Deliver Cell Service from Space with 5G NTN LEO

    • AccelerComm and TTP’s new partnership offers a 5G NTN LEO Regenerative Base Station solution to deliver high-performance cellular service
    • Companies unveil a turnkey 5G NTN LEO Regenerative Base Station solution and will provide further details at MWC 2023 at booth 7C24 in Hall 7.

    Southampton, UK – Friday 10th February 2023 – AccelerComm, the Layer 1 5G IP specialists, and TTP, an independent technology and product development company based in the UK, today announced that they are jointly formulating a high-performance 5G LEO Regenerative – base station for deployment on low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites. The project combines expertize and IP from the two companies and additional technology from partners to propose a dedicated 5G regenerative gNodeB solution tailored to support high-performance 5G services in the challenging environment of a Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN).

    AccelerComm logo

    AccelerComm logo

    In a typical LEO deployment, one satellite covers a wide geographical area, using a large number of beams to cover a multitude of subscribers. Terrestrial gNodeB products of similar scale are not designed to deal with this unique LEO deployment challenge. Also, any gNodeB platform for space applications will be highly constrained in size, weight, and power and must be able to work in the hostile space environment.

    “For satellite 5G to be truly successful, there are a number of performance and efficiency challenges which have to be overcome. Solving these requires building on the existing 3GPP technologies to create a tailored solution built to deal with the unique challenges,” said Rob Barnes, Chief Marketing Officer at AccelerComm.

    The joint AccelerComm TTP LEO Regenerative base station solution will be designed to meet the growing demand for satellite-based eMBB (enhanced Mobile Broadband) and IoT (Internet of Things) services. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses and organizations that need to connect people and devices in remote locations, or for governments looking to provide internet access to all citizens. The solution will support a large number of beams and high subscriber density and will be delivered on a space-hardened platform optimized for low-power and size. It includes a range of advanced developments in beam-to-cell mapping, beam forming and NTN beam-management.

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    The O-RAN compliant gNodeB leverages AccelerComm’s LEOphy, a Layer 1 modem that delivers enhanced performance for low-earth orbit satellite communications. LEOphy boasts the lowest error rates, with dedicated features to overcome the specific challenges of NTN channels, such as high path losses, differential delays, doppler shift, long propagation delays, and rapid fluctuations in signal amplitude and phase caused by atmospheric effects. As a result, it ensures a high-reliability link without resorting to lower coding rates and low-order modulation schemes, thereby maximizing spectral efficiency.

    “There has been an explosion in interest around combining satellite and traditional mobile communications systems with the iPhone 14 launch and the T-Mobile Starlink announcement,” said Rob Barnes, Chief Marketing Officer at AccelerComm. “However, for satellite 5G to be truly successful, there are a number of performance and efficiency challenges which have to be overcome. Solving these requires building on the existing 3GPP technologies to create a tailored solution built to deal with the unique challenges of operating around a thousand kilometres from earth, at speeds of over 7km per second, all while dealing with power and resource constraints. We are delighted to be working with our partner TTP to develop this high-performance solution which will open up a whole new market for delivering 5G services from space.”

    “TTP is pleased to partner with AccelerComm to define a highly scalable and low power gNodeB solution, that will enable LEO operators to efficiently deliver 5G NTN services,” said Adrian Hillier, TTP’s Head of Next G.

    “A 5G NTN LEO regenerative gNodeB deployment presents unique challenges when compared to Terrestrial gNodeB. In order to serve the number of beams and support the density of subscribers required, the gNodeB will have to be heavily optimized and tightly integrated with the overall payload functionality,” Adrian continued.

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    About TTP
    TTP provides independent system expertise to enable Satellite operators to adopt the 5G NTN technology, covering areas such as end-to-end system specification and the development, integration and testing of key components for both the 5G radio access network and user terminal ecosystem.

    TTP has been a trusted partner in wireless technology and connected product innovation since developing the first digital mobile phones. Today, we help our customers to create new products and technologies that enable connected enterprises, technologies that enhance mobility through connectivity, new interfaces between humans and technology, and technologies that learn and communicate.

    From understanding a market opportunity through concept generation to detailed realisation, we undertake all technological, product and service development stages. Our customers benefit from the experience gained through 30 years of successful project delivery in fields as diverse as body-implanted devices; critical communications for emergency services; IoT solutions for industry transformation; broadband to aircraft and satellite communication systems https://www.ttp.com/5g

    About AccelerComm
    AccelerComm provides complete physical layer IP solutions which enable optimal performance of 5G radio access networks and solves the challenges that would otherwise limit the throughput, latency, and spectral efficiency of 5G. by mitigating the effects of noise, interference, and poor signal strength. The company is active in a number of industry associations including the O-RAN ALLIANCE and Small Cell Forum. For further information visit www.accelercomm.com or follow @AccelerComm on Twitter.

    Media Contact
    Ed Howson
    Temono for AccelerComm
    +44 (0)7740 173 051

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