Start creating your own video games immediately with this software bundle

[ad_1] You can even sell the games you create with this drag-and-drop game development bundle, specifically designed for non-technical users. Image: PixelChoice/Shutterstock If you love to play video games, you may be interested to hear that you can create your own without any programming, designing or 3D modeling experience. The Complete GameGuru Unlimited Bundle provides everything you […]

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Acquire highly paid certified Cisco skills on your own time with this training

[ad_1] There’s nothing like have great certifications for built-in job security, and now you can learn the skills you need to gain highly coveted certifications. Image: Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock Cisco is a global leader in networking and telecommunications, always releasing new innovative projects, so job security is built-in when you land one of the highly coveted positions in […]

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Mozilla stops accepting cryptocurrency, Wikipedia may be next: Are dominos falling?

[ad_1] Mozilla announced a donation pause after co-founder Jamie Zawinski tweeted his opposition. Will more organizations follow suit and take the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies into account? Getty Images When the Mozilla Foundation took to Twitter on New Year’s Eve to announce it was going to begin accepting cryptocurrency donations, it likely didn’t think about […]

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4 non-coding jobs every IT team needs

[ad_1] Programmers, engineers and developers are critical to any IT team, but positions that don’t involve code are important, too. These hiring kits will help you find the best candidates for those jobs. Image: Shutterstock/Girts Ragelis Programmers, engineers and developers are often regarded as the rock stars of the IT team. When everything from building […]

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