Benefits Of e-Bikes: Everything You Should Know

Are you also troubled by the rising petrol prices? If so, it would be appropriate for you to consider e-bikes. There are many options available for e-bikes, from folding e-bikes to fat-tire e-bikes. You can select the best one based on your needs and budget. Apart from being less expensive, it also takes exceptional care of your health and improves it. Also, the environment is not harmed by electric bicycles. So after buying these electric bicycles, you take your journey with high performance, excellent stability, and sturdy build. In addition, we will discuss many benefits of e-bikes in this article. 

Here are The Benefits of e-Bikes

1. Safe For the Environment

If you travel within a city of about 10-60 km or often have to go to the market for small household chores. 200-300 meters to 2-3 km away, the distance you can use your Will go by bike or scooter. You can reduce the oil you burn for all this by buying an electric bicycle. If you also want to contribute to keeping the environment clean, zooz bikes offer the best quality and budget-friendly e-bikes. Use Zooz Bikes Coupon Code and get amazing deals.

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2. Cost Efficient

Nowadays the prices of petrol/diesel are increasing every few days. You can reduce the cost of charging an electric bicycle’s battery compared to a petrol bike if a petrol bike costs Rs 100,000 in a year. An electric bicycle will cost about Rs 5000 annually. Apart from this, the electric cycle’s maintenance cost is also negligible compared to the bike. The cost of an e-bike may seem high initially, but it is worth the money. 

3. Fun & Exercise

Cycling is fun, but the condition worsens when you sweat, and the weather is hot. The advantage of electric bicycles is that the effort is reduced by half. Even if there is a climb, the bike climbs comfortably, and it becomes easy to cover long distances. Running the pedals of the electric bicycle simultaneously gives exercise. 

4. Suitable for Old age

An electric bike is a means of walking and light exercise for the elderly. An electric bicycle is an excellent vehicle for older people. This allows them to cycle comfortably without putting too much stress on their knees. It is also easy to handle as it weighs much less than a bike/scooter. Apart from the elderly, some people have difficulty riding a regular bicycle due to injury, weakness, or disability. An electric bicycle is also a good solution for such people. 

5. No Licence is needed

According to the Automotive Research Association, there is no need for a license and RC in vehicles running up to the speed of 25 Km/Hr. About 90% of electric bicycles obey this speed limit, so you don’t need paperwork to ride one. 

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Why buy an e-Bike: Some important points

Above, you have learned the benefits of e-bikes, but some things will help you get an e-bike. 

  • If you want a bike without spending much money, buy an e-bike.  
  • Motor support will make pedaling a lot easier while carrying the load. 
  • You don’t have to drive around the petrol pump.
  • Also, not even the hassle of getting stuck in traffic.

Zooz Bikes

Types of E-Bikes 

There are 2 types of electric bikes. 

1. Pedal Assist

In these electric cycles, motor support is available only when you pedal. If you stop pedaling, the motor support will also stop. The sensor installed in these cycles detects whether you are pedaling or not. When you stop pedaling, the motor gets cut off. 

2. With Throttle

These electric bicycles are like low-power electric scooters/bikes. Along with pedals, a throttle (accelerator) is also given. You can ride it like a regular cycle or start riding like a bike by rotating the throttle whenever you want. 

Best e-bikes | 3 Top Picks

1. EMotorad EMX Electric bike

The eMotorad EMX electric cycle is available with a host of great features. It is powered by a 10.4Ah lithium-ion detachable battery that you can take out and charge anywhere. It charged in just a few hours. A single charge can travel up to 65km in pedal assist mode. 

2. LightSpeed Glyd Electric bike

The LightSpeed ​​Glyd Electric Cycle is made very attractive, and it is designed very sturdily. You will get pedal-assisted features in this cycle. Also, you can ride it everywhere on roads/terrain. Furthermore, it comes with a detachable battery, which you can take out and charge at your convenience. Apart from disc brakes, this LightSpeed ​​Glyd Electric Cycle also features an LED display. With the help of this display, the rider gets all kinds of information related to the bike. 

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3. Nuze i1 Electric bike

Nuze i1 electric bike is made with an aluminum alloy frame. This e-bike will become the first choice for those looking for city rides, city roads, and open roads. The bike comes with a 5.2Ah lithium-ion integrated battery which takes 3-4 hours to charge. However, the Nuze i1 electric cycle can also be taken up to a range of 25-30 km with the help of pedal assist mode. It gives a driving range of up to 30 kilometers in just a single charger.