Considerations to Find Free STD testing Clinics


Having a discussion with your doctor regarding your sex life can be really embarrassing but getting in touch with one as soon as you face any issue is very much needed so as to ensure that you are able to treat them right and on time. In case you have been suspecting an STD, rush to a doctor immediately without any delay. Know that there are a lot of STDs that show no symptoms even after months since you got it, and thus, waiting for it will do no good but worsen the issue. Doing free std testing in Los Angeles is easy. All you need to know is to have clarity about the different considerations that you must make before visiting one! 

Local Health Department

A majority of the free STI clinics are run by the county government. Thus, you may call the local health department to find free std testing in Los Angeles. You may even choose to visit the official website and know where the STD clinic is actually based at! The health department will assist you in figuring out the nearest STD clinic, their hours, and how to reach out to that place.

Online resources

This is yet another easy solution to find the same day std testing Los Angeles. With the online testing resources, you can check out the various government-sponsored websites wherein you can find the free STD clinics that would allow you to view the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and STI testing locations by ZIP code. However, you must note that not all the locations that you find out through this are free ones, though! 

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Public Hospital

Local public hospitals or teaching hospitals often tend to provide a low-cost or free STI testing provision along with their treatments. You can obviously visit such hospitals in your vicinity. Besides, you can check if they are offering the services. Have a fair discussion with the doctor before you get admitted. Also, ensure that you aren’t getting into the emergency room until and unless it is absolutely critical. 

LGBTQ Health Clinic

People living in diverse communities may choose to visit the local gay and lesbian healthcare centers to get either free or low-cost STI testing done. In usual cases, the federal government secured a database to help you find the local health clinics offering such testing and treatment. 

At Home Testing 

Nothing can beat the option of at-home testing than that of the free STD testing California. An at-home STD test kit can be a really amazing solution when it comes to eliminating the chances of embarrassment. Some of the telehealth companies that can help you pick up an STD test right at your home are-

  • STD check
  • iDNA
  • EarlyWell
  • PlushCare
  • LetsGetChecked

You may get these kits easily available at any of your nearest drug stores. However, it is always recommended to see a doctor if you are witnessing symptoms, even while getting a negative test result with the home kit. 

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