Driving license : How to learn to drive and pass the exam

Have you passed the driving license theory exam? Well done! Then it’s time to pass the driving test too! Maybe with the help of the driving school guides and Driving Lessons Harrow.

Driving lessons

By law, driving lessons for driving license B last half an hour and the cost varies according to the driving school. Usually, at the time of enrollment, we ask the instructor the same thing: “How many guides do I have to do to pass the b license exam?”. In reality, the number of guides varies greatly from person to person, based on your starting level, your safety or insecurity at the wheel, your ability to immediately put the instructor’s advice into practice and, why not, also his skill. in making you comfortable. In short, guides, if you are already good at the wheel, even five could be enough for you (and they are indispensable because the exam requires precision in driving that we will never have driving on our own), but more often than not they could also go up at fifteen or even twenty.
What we recommend is not to make an appointment with the instructor on days that are too distant from each other: the ideal would be to do three guides a week, so as not to miss the exercise.


First step on the clutch (left foot) and brake (right foot) pedals, then release the handbrake and put the car into neutral. Turn it on, put it in first gear, release the clutch slightly and move your right foot from the brake to the accelerator (without squeezing too much!). Now slowly release your left foot from the clutch… you’re off! No? Don’t worry, because at first it’s a bit difficult to start the car without it shutting off immediately, it’s a matter of getting used to it, especially on the pedals.

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And now that you know how to start the car without turning it off? Read these simple guidelines. And you will see that you will pass the B license exam without any problems.


Clutch – to be squeeze completely in case of heavy braking or while changing gear; never leave it too quickly!
Brake – to be press lightly to brake the car slightly, such as when going downhill for example; completely (but not too abruptly!) to stop the car (along with the clutch in this case).
Accelerator – To be press to increase speed, never at the same time as the clutch when changing gear.


Before putting the arrow to turn left , always look in the mirror to understand if someone is overtaking you, etc., never do the opposite;
· Before turning, first put the arrow and then downshift to slow down , never the other way around: the other drivers must understand why you slow down;
· Be careful not to enter a street on the wrong side , especially passing over the stop sign: it will seem like trivial advice, but instead this is a much more frequent mistake than you can imagine, and at the risk of rejection;
· Do not take your hand off the steering wheel to set the indicator : only your fingers;
· Never look , not even for a few seconds, at the pedals or the gear or in any case at the inside of the car : always look outside to understand what is happening and act accordingly;
· Remember to always stop for a few seconds at the stop signs , never “flying” them, even if you don’t see any cars around you (you could be rejected immediately!); when instead you have to give way, just slow down;

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Pull your car over (signaling with the arrow!) to the left of another (the mirrors of the two cars must be parallel), then move in reverse until the nose of your car is halfway up the rear door of the other. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and go backwards to where… you have to figure it out with a little practice! Then turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and always rear the car until it is parallel to the road.
Put into first gear, turn the steering wheel to the right so that the wheels are straight and take the car further forward, leaving the right distance from the one in front, thus completing the parking.


Pull the car over (signaling with the arrow) to the right of the road, then, wading carefully so that no one passes, turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and, in first gear, drive as far as possible against the other side of the road. Then, very quickly, put it in reverse, turn the steering wheel to the right and back as far as necessary; put into first gear, turn the steering wheel a bit and left and off you go!


As a song says … it takes calm and a cool head! You will see that the examiner (seated behind you, while the instructor will be to your right) will not be so bad, he will put you at ease and will be ready to understand your errors given by agitation and Driving Lessons Greenford.
The important thing, of course, is to listen well to everything he says (even if sometimes he may not tell you what to do so far in advance, so stay ready for any of his decisions) and… with kindness and politeness!!! In short, you will see that the exam will seem like a simple guide with your instructor. And at the end… you can immediately sign your B license.

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