Exploring Felony Burglary Charges to Understand the Consequences

US laws protect people against any form of crime. Still, specific incidents occur forced by circumstances, intent, or other ways. If you live in Ohio, you will know that this American state is intolerant of violent crime and takes strict actions against offenders. For instance, a fight in a bar or drinking in public can be a nuisance, and you can face misdemeanor charges. However, acts or intent of robbery, burglary, assault, and others call for felonies, which involve long prison time and hefty fines. Hence, educating oneself about where and how much you can be at risk is better. It will allow you to protect yourself and your family members from unfavorable circumstances. For this matter, let’s take up burglary.

Burglary charges

If you break into a house or building with the intent to commit a crime, it becomes a case of felony burglary. However, you face misdemeanor charges if you enter a place without any criminal intention. Think of homeless people who get inside a deserted building to sleep. Earlier, only a particular type of intent could qualify for felony burglary. However, evolved regulations cover a large gamut of crime. For example, illegal entry into an occupied building also falls under this category, and one may face severe penalties.

All felony burglary types have categorization in terms of degrees. A first-degree felony is an example of aggravated burglary, which convicts a person who intended to harm or carry a lethal weapon during a burglary. A second-degree felony applies when someone enters an occupied property with criminal intention. Like this, degrees and penalties also increase or decrease based on the level of crime. No matter what, if you get trapped in such cases and need to appeal for bail, you can approach a bail bonds agency like Castle Bail Bondsman Columbus for financial help.

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Why should you seek bail?

Getting convicted of felony burglary may mean a jail sentence of up to 18 months or even ten years, along with hefty fines. You must spend more time in prison if you have previous criminal records against your name. Also, your personal life and career will be at stake. Your criminal histories will be visible unless you get them expunged or sealed. These also require following a vigorous process. Hence, it’s better to prove you are innocent, especially if there has been some confusion. Or, you landed there because of some bad luck. You cannot afford some misunderstanding or situation to decide your fate peacocktv.com/tv.

Once you are out on bail, you can talk to your lawyer and prepare to defend the charges against you. It can be a long fight, but it will be worth all the effort. At the same time, you should know how to live a safe and peaceful life, so you don’t ever get into such a hassle. Nevertheless, certain circumstances can be uncontrollable. Hence, it’s best to have an understanding of everything. In such cases, you may also have to save your friend or dear one. If you are well aware, you can arrange things properly.