How to Hang a Bi-Fold Door in 4 Easy Steps guide

Blog Introduction: Installing bi-fold doors can be a great way to save space and make a room look more organized. Bi fold doors come in many different sizes and styles, so it is important to know the right steps to take when installing them. With the right tools and materials, you can hang your bi fold door with ease in just four simple steps.


Step 1: Measure The Door Frame

The first step is to measure the opening for the door frame. You will need to get an accurate measurement from top to bottom and from side to side. This will ensure that you have the correct size door for your frame opening. Once you have your measurements, you can go and purchase the appropriate bi fold door for your project.


Step 2: Install The Track

Once you have purchased your bi fold door, the next step is to install the track for it. This involves attaching two pieces of track hardware on either side of the door frame that will hold the wheels of your bi fold door in place as it opens and closes. Make sure that these tracks are level before attaching them as this will ensure that they open and close correctly.


Step 3: Attach The Wheels To The Door

The third step is to attach the wheels onto the door itself. These wheels should fit securely onto both sides of your bi fold door so that they slide easily along the tracks when opened and closed. Make sure that each wheel is firmly secured onto its respective side before moving on to step 4.

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Step 4: Hang The Door

Once all of the wheels are attached, it’s time to hang up your new bi fold door! Start by lifting one end of the door into place on its track hardware, then do the same with the other end until it is fully installed. Afterward, make sure that all of the wheels are sliding freely along their tracks before closing it up for good!


Hanging a bi-fold door doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming; with these four easy steps, anyone can successfully install their own bi-fold doors in no time! With an accurate measurement of your frame opening and some basic tools, hanging a bi-fold door can be done quickly and efficiently – giving you more room for storage or simply enhancing any room’s décor! So don’t hesitate; get out there today and start hanging those bi-fold doors!