Polymer 80 – The Best Way to Build Your Own AR-15

Are you looking for the best way to build your own AR-15? If so, look no further than Polymer 80! Polymer 80 is the leading manufacturer of polymer jigs and lower receivers for building AR-15s. With a complete Polymer 80 kit, you’ll have all the tools and parts necessary to assemble your own AR-15 from scratch. With Polymer 80’s high-quality components and easy-to-follow instructions, you can be sure that your AR-15 will be reliable and accurate. Get started today and make your dream of owning an AR-15 come true!

What is a Polymer80 Jig and Lower?

Polymer80 is a leading manufacturer of firearm components and gun build kits. Their signature product, the Polymer80 Jig and Lower, is designed to make building your own AR-15 rifle easier than ever. This kit contains everything you need to complete your gun build, including a lower receiver, jig, and all the components for customizing your weapon.

The lower receiver is the core of your firearm, and the Polymer80 lower receiver is built to provide a stable platform for your build. The jig provides a strong, reliable foundation for drilling and milling the lower receiver into a functional AR-15. It also ensures that the receiver will fit all other AR-15 parts. With its user-friendly design, the Polymer80 jig and lower are perfect for gun builders of all levels.

Advantages of Building Your Own AR-15

Building your own AR-15 is becoming increasingly popular as it gives gun builders the chance to create their own custom firearms without the high price tags of professionally manufactured firearms.

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One of the best ways to get started with this exciting hobby is by using a Polymer 80 jig and lower. This system allows for easy assembly, giving gun builders the ability to construct a custom AR-15 quickly and safely.

Using a Polymer 80 jig and lower has several advantages over buying an off-the-shelf AR-15. First and foremost, you will have complete control over the parts used in the build, meaning you can choose everything from the barrel length and sight type to the trigger group and stock. Additionally, you can customize your build even further with aftermarket components such as grips, rails, and muzzle devices.

With a Polymer 80 jig and lower, you can also save money by purchasing quality parts at lower costs. The jig and lower kits are priced much lower than prebuilt AR-15s, allowing gun builders to purchase higher quality parts within their budget. Finally, building your own AR-15 can be a great learning experience, allowing you to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of firearms.

In conclusion, the Polymer 80 jig and lower system provides gun builders with many advantages when constructing their own custom AR-15s. With a Polymer 80 jig and lower, you can save money on quality parts, gain control over your build, and learn more about how firearms work.

How to Assemble a Polymer80 Jig and Lower

Assembling your own AR-15 from a Polymer 80 jig and lower is a great way for gun builders to create an awesome, custom rifle. By using Polymer80’s jig and lower receivers, you’re able to customize your build with the parts you want, including triggers, stocks, barrels, and more. But before you get to this exciting part of the process, there’s the assembly. So let’s take a look at how to assemble a Polymer 80 jig and lower receiver.

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Before beginning assembly, make sure you have all the necessary parts and tools. You’ll need an upper receiver and barrel, along with a lower receiver, buttstock, buffer tube, buffer spring, trigger and pins, pistol grip, magazine release button, selector switch, take down pins, handguard and screws.

To start assembling your Polymer80 jig and lower, begin by attaching the upper receiver to the lower receiver. Ensure that the lugs on the upper are aligned with the lugs on the lower and then use the provided screws to secure them together.

Next, attach the buttstock onto the buffer tube by sliding it onto the buffer tube until it snaps into place. Secure it with a screw from the inside of the lower receiver. Once this is done, insert the buffer spring into the tube and slide it back until it is firmly in place. Now you can insert the buffer into the tube.

The next step is to attach the pistol grip by inserting its screw into the lower receiver and securing it with a hex key. Then, attach the trigger assembly by inserting its pins into the appropriate holes on the lower receiver. Insert the magazine release button and selector switch as well.

Finally, attach the handguard onto the upper receiver with screws. Now your Polymer80 jig and lower receiver is fully assembled! With your custom rifle ready to go, you can now move on to putting together the rest of your AR-15 build.

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