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  • Telangana tourism department is interested to team up with ‘Bharat Gaurav Trains’ - WhatsNews4Today

    Telangana tourism department is interested to team up with ‘Bharat Gaurav Trains’

    Published on : Thursday, February 10, 2022

    Telangana tourism department is keen on teaming up with ‘Bharat Gaurav Trains’, a theme-based tourist circuit trains, introduced by Indian Railways.

    The ministry of railways initiated Bharat Gaurav Trains, keeping the huge demand for tourism in mind and the proximity of most of the sites of tourism to rail connectivity, in association with private tour operators. The initiation was taken in December and the railways invited government agencies and private parties to cooperate in this module as the pandemic affected the tourism sector badly, according to the SCR authorities. “The response is better from the private parties,” they said.

    A senior official from Telangana Tourism Development Corporation said, “This is a very good initiative by the railways to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and magnificent historical places to the people of India. Basically, this module is meant for a bigger quantity of tourists, as each train will consist of 10 to 14 coaches. In each coach, there will be 70 passengers, that means for each trip at least 600 to 700 tourists can travel. That needs more supportive infrastructure.”

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