The Fact of Buying Online KBC Company Whatsapp Lottery

Finally, it’s today! The day when we can choose to buy Whatsapp lottery tickets online from anywhere. No need to walk to find a panel. Or to a lottery seller who rides through the front of the house Because today we can buy online lottery tickets through the wallet app. All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone. Whenever you find a lucky number, you can order immediately. Don’t be afraid to forget. And what must be most pleasing to everyone is the online lottery KBC Head Office with no additional additions at all.

How to Buy Whatsapp Lottery Through The Online

Now, the online lottery purchase system in the Online has just been open for use. As soon as we enter Online There will immediately be a banner that pops up that says Whatsapp Lottery (if after the promotion is over, we may have to plow the banner for each other When you press enter, you will see a face like this. At the top, there will be topics to choose from. Buy digital tickets That are, buying online Whatsapp lottery tickets the Online immediately. It will be buying a Whatsapp lottery ticket from a store and then scanning it to pay through the wallet app. for purchasing Whatsapp Lottery tickets It can only be done during. (except on the award announcement day,

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Find Lucky Number in Whatsapp Lottery

If we already have the number we want to buy in mind then fill in the when we type 6 numbers that we want, then press search. Now there will be a list of Whatsapp lottery shops with the said number appearing for us to choose from. Below will be a list of Whatsapp lottery stores that have this number for sale. If we can choose a store, then press Select > Check Whatsapp lottery tickets and go to the lottery list check page. to check to make sure how many cards we have chosen, how many numbers, which can be pressed to delete Or buy more, then press pay. When coming to the payment confirmation page, check if there is enough money in our G Wallet to buy tickets or not. If it’s not enough, go ahead and fill it up. When complete, press payment confirmation It’s the end of the ceremony.

If I Win a Prize in Whatsapp Lottery How Will I Cash it

If in this draw wins any of the prizes the system will check the prize numbers that we bought for you. And will notify you after the prize number has been announc. If we win a prize, we can Claim rewards Online to transfer rewards directly to your linked bank account. (There will be a fee specified by the bank as well) or can take it to raise the prize to receive money from the lottery office by yourself as well. But if the lucky one wins the 1st prize … this time you have to travel to ask for the prize money yourself at the KBC Lottery Office only.

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Buying Whatsapp Lottery Tickets Through Online How is it Different from Buying Lottery Tickets Through Other

Buying KBC Lottery tickets through this Online platform that has a Shop selling Whatsapp lottery Winner tickets that have been authorized. Apply to sell Whatsapp lottery tickets through this app. Therefore making it possible to trade at the specified price without any hidden fees. Like other platforms, sometimes those platforms, when there are loud numbers, beautiful numbers, will have a higher price than usual. Now all gamblers can buy lottery tickets with peace of mind. Because you don’t have to sit and get frustrate when you can’t find the number you want. Being packag and sold as a set or it happens to be a louder number until it becomes more expensive. You can hit any number and then go fill in the app and buy it.

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