Top 3 Questions To Ask When Pest Inspection A Home

Are you in the market to buy a home but are worried about pests? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, according to the National Pest Management Association, pest problems rank as one of the top reasons why people hesitate to make an offer on a home. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive and ask the right questions when pest inspection a home. Here are three questions you should always ask: 1. What is the extent of the problem? A thorough inspection will identify any and all pest issues in your home, from basement leaks to rats in the attic. If there are major pests issues, this will need to be taken into account when making your decision whether or not to buy. 2. What type of pests are present? Pests can come in many different forms, including spiders, cockroaches, ants, and rodents. Knowing what kind of pests are present will help you determine which type of pest control is necessary and where it should be applied. 3. How do I deal with these pests on my own? Some pests can be difficult or impossible to get rid of on your own. In these cases, professional help may be

What pests are you looking to get rid of?

  1. What pests are you looking to get rid of?


When inspecting a home for pests, it is important to be as specific as possible. This will help the inspector pinpoint the type of pest that needs to be addressed and can save time and money down the road.

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Some common questions to ask when inspecting a home for pests include:

  • What kind of insects do you see?
  • Are there any bugs or larvae in or on walls, ceilings, doors, or window screens?
  • Are there any strange odors coming from the property?
  • Do any insects appear to be active at night?
  • Is anything moving inside or outside the structure that shouldn’t be (creepy crawlies, spiders)?

What type of inspection do you need?

  1. What is the scope of your inspection?

If you are only inspecting for pests, you do not need a full home inspection. However, if you have concerns about possible health and safety hazards, or the overall condition of the home, a full home inspection may be necessary.

  1. Who will be performing the inspection?

You should choose someone who is experienced in conducting pest inspections, and who has access to the necessary equipment and licenses.

  1. What type of inspection will be done?

A complete home inspection typically includes a walk-through of all rooms and areas of the home, as well as an evaluation of the building structure and systems. Pesticide applicators may also be called in to treat any issues that are discovered during the inspection.

Who will be inspecting the property?

  1. Who will be inspecting the property?
  2. What are their qualifications?
  3. What is their experience with pest inspections?
  4. How will they identify pests and their sources of entry?
  5. What kind of equipment will they use to inspect the property?
  6. What are their inspection protocols?
  7. How long will the inspection take?


In order to get the most effective inspection for your home, it’s important to know what questions to ask during pest inspection. Here are three of the top questions that can help you get an accurate and comprehensive evaluation: 1) What type of pests are currently infesting my property? 2) How has this issue changed or worsened since last inspection? 3) What steps will be taken in order to correct the situation? By asking these questions, you will be able to better understand your pest situation and make informed decisions about how best to address it.

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