What Is the Deal With Joining the SEINT Official Artist Roster?

When I found out about The Seint Artist Program, I had to apply. In 2018, when I finally made up my mind and bought my kit, it was called Maskcara Beauty. Seint Artist has given me more than just financial security; it has also given me self-assurance, direction, and focus in my social media use. I am so grateful for this chance because not only has it given me direction in life, but it has also introduced me to many wonderful women.

To that end, if you’re considering joining Artists For Seint and want to be fully prepared, read on!

If you think joining the Seint Artist Program might be something you’d enjoy doing, read on!

Send me a text message with the word ARTIST in it if you have any questions.

If you’re interest in discussing this further, please call me at (281) 729-0888.

Below are some high points of the Artist Program!

  • Reduced or No Sales Quotas!
  • Empty shelves! Logistics and returns are taken care of by the company.
  • You don’t need any prior knowledge or skill with cosmetics to pull this off.
  • Make 20% – 40% commission on all sales you make! The Return on Teamwork is Greater

How do I train myself to become an SEINT Artist? Does anybody want to assist me?

As an Artist, you’ll have access to SEINT’s extensive library of learning materials. If you decide to become a part of our team, seint discount code will inform me, and I’ll make sure a Welcome Packet filled with useful information and helpful resources is sent your way. In addition, I’ve scheduled a personal Zoom meeting with you so that I can get to know you and provide initial assistance. If you decide to work with me, I will personally assist you with everything from choosing the right colors to posting consistently across all of your social media platforms. With whom you associate is crucial.

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As a company, we conduct most of our communication via Facebook. As a member of my team, you will be added to several SEINT-wide Facebook groups administered by SEINT Corporate. We’re able to keep learning thanks to these tools, and we collaborate as a group to aid anyone who’s willing to put in the effort. There’s a lot of excitement, and women all over the country are finding much greater success than they had anticipated.

Is there a discount for creative types?

YES! All SEINT products are 20% off for us because we are artists. However, SEINT gives us a 20% commission on all purchases (including our own), so I wouldn’t recommend taking advantage of the artist discount. Use the options SEINT provides to increase your financial success. We, however, start you off with all of this knowledge.

The commissions I make with SEINT are as follows:

No matter how much or how little you sell, you will always receive a commission of at least 20%. You can earn a maximum commission rate of 40% based on your sales volume. In order to receive commissions from your team’s sales, you must fulfill certain requirements depending on your rank. However, I’ve never failed to do so, and if you join our team as a Seint artist, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you succeed.

Can I become an artist without formal training or certification?

Definitely not! All you need to be an Artist is a passion for this makeup, a willingness to put in some time, and a desire to teach others about it. section if you are a Canadian artist.)

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Should I be carrying stock?

No! You won’t have to worry about stocking shelves, taking in returns, processing exchanges, or handling shipping. That means you don’t have to reinvest any of your hard-earned commissions into growing your business—you can keep the whole thing. Simply put, it rocks.

What’s the fee to join SEINT as a Beauty Artist?

Among the many stipulations for Artist status is the payment of a monthly $11.95 back office fee. This is the cost associated with having SEINT handle your website management. It is not necessary for you to upload pictures, modify sale information, handle items for sale, monitor sales, keep tabs on commissions, etc. SEINT takes care of it all for us.

Except for the price of the Artist kit, there are no additional outlays on your part.

The Standard Kit costs $199, while the Professional Kit costs $399.

(Please refer to the “Information for Canadian Artists!” section if you are a Canadian artist.)

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Selecting an SEINT Makeup Artist Kit:

If you’re an Artist, you can get the same benefits from either starter kit. If you can afford the $450 kit, that’s the one you should get. But if you can’t afford the full $399 kit right now, I suggest starting with the smaller $225 Basic Kit and learning how to supplement it with your Artist resources and your own sales to make up for the missing items. Instead of waiting to save up for the more expensive “Pro” kit, it’s smarter to just get start with the smaller one and see what you can accomplish with it.

Will Canadian musicians and fans use the same Ask Customer Service email?

Yes! If you have any questions or concerns for ASK, please fill out the online contact form on the website.

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Is it possible for a Canadian musician to sign with a US label, or vice versa?

If an artist wants to sign with a label, the process won’t change no matter where the label or artist is from.

Will Canadian performers continue to receive the same amount of party rewards?

The rewards you receive will recalculated to account for the currency conversion.

Can you tell me how much the back-office costs on a monthly basis?


Exactly what sorts of toolkits will be made accessible to Canadian artists?

There is the Starter Pack (315Can) and the Professional Artist Pack (635Can).

Is there a US and Canadian version of the website, or is it the same?

Absolutely, the correct country will selected automatically based on where you are.

In the top right, you’ll find a pull-down menu where you can change the country, if necessary.

How about the other way around; can a Canadian buy from an American musician?

Customers from other countries are welcome.

You should be on the US artist’s page, but with the Canadian flag flying high in the corner if you are a Canadian customer placing an order with a US artist. If you’re a US customer placing an order for a Canadian artist, the reverse is true.

Can I purchase all SEINT Beauty items in Canada?

We regret to inform you that we will no longer be carrying the Artist Pro Kit, select compact colors, or the Stay spray with SPF.

If Stay with SPF is so great, why isn’t it sold in Canada?

The delay in availability is due to the different regulations for SPF products.

To engage in direct sales within Canada, Canadian artists are require to obtain a special license. All Canadian artists are responsible for the cost of this license. In the near future, we will be providing additional details about the Direct Sellers License in Canada.

SEINT Beauty is unable to provide services to artists in Quebec at this time because of local restrictions.

© 2023, Aron Walter. All rights reserved.

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